Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Blame Hugh Jackman

I love Hugh Jackman. Love him, love him, love him.

Hugh is currently filming a movie version of Les Miserables. A musical one.  WITH Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter.  I started investigating this last night during a random "surf the internet on my phone until I drop it on my face because I am too tired to hold it up and need to go to sleep" session.  (Everyone else does that too, right?)  I was creeping on Hugh's Twitter account which led to detailed Les Mis searching which ended with You Tube clips of Hugh singing.  Yes, this is how I spend my nights.  Be jealous.  This is how I roll.  

Fast-forward to this morning.  I was creating new book displays at work and decided I needed some music to motivate me.  (FYI this was before we opened to the public.) Since Les Mis was still on my brain, I decided to check out Pandora's Broadway/Musicals channel.  It was pretty awesome.  There I was, coffee in hand, pulling books off the shelves, singing my brains out.  Camelot, West Side Story, Evita, Moulin Rouge (*sigh* Ewan).... It was all going so well until a song from Sweeney Todd came on.  I am not a big Sweeney Todd fan.  I like pie and well... So I skipped the song.  Two songs later: another Sweeney Todd song.  Skipped it.  Pretty soon, I kid you not, every other song was from Sweeney Todd, and Pandora only lets you skip so many songs before they cut you off.

I really started to get a complex.  Ok fine!  I'll stop eating pie!  I'll buy the Sweeney Todd soundtrack!  I'll have t-shirts made that say: I <3 Sondheim!  Why am I even listening to this in the first place?  How did I get here?  Someone will pay for this...  Where did this all begin?  Oh!  That's right -- Hugh.  I blame Hugh Jackman.

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